What We Do

Growth through diversification

Sarya Holdings is a parent company engaged in two diversified businesses: FMCG and Agritech. Our core competencies include brand building, distribution and retail. We focus on creating value through our extensive product portfolio and industry reach, while delivering sustainable shareholder growth


 Our impressive portfolio continues to allow us to import a variety of branded products from around the world to the GCC. Our distribution team has an exceptional track record of delivering 100% services. . At Sarya, we understand that adding value to our brands means delivering new ideas, innovative campaigns and creative promotions to set us apart from competitors. Sarya’s warehouses are outfitted with the most sophisticated contemporary amenities. Ideally and strategically located in Dubai Industrial City, the complex enables a smooth distribution network with easy access throughout the United Arab Emirates.


One-third of all food produced in the world is wasted. The vision behind our unique vertical farm came from the idea to overhaul the way we think and treat food consumption. We’re pushing to support our community by providing a sustainable source of crops for our nation, grown and harvested with care and IoT technology. The result? Year-round harvesting regardless of unpredictable external factors.

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