What We Do

Built to build your brand, locally

Our food retail business involves trading in a wide range of popular food products, acting as intermediaries, and developing in-house brands.


At Sarya Distribution, we cultivate our relationships with our modern trade partners, but we also focus beyond the norm and provide superior business generation for B class, lower trade, and wholesale divisions as well. Thanks to our dedicated key account managers with in-depth industry knowledge, our Food Service division consistently fosters existing relationships and builds new pathways for our international brands by always providing the very best in-demand products to major hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues


One-third of all food produced in the world is wasted. The vision behind our unique vertical farm came from the idea to overhaul the way we think and treat food consumption. We’re pushing to support our community by providing a sustainable source of crops for our nation, grown and harvested with care and IoT technology. The result? Year-round harvesting regardless of unpredictable external factors.

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