About Us

At Sarya holdings, we believe in the power of our brands..

We identify market gaps, partner with global brands, create brand recognition, and ensure brand coverage. Our integrated distribution and marketing solutions cover UAE and KSA. The areas of expertise include market research, marketing and distribution plan. We have a long history of success in the FMCG industry and work with some of the biggest retailers. We strive to discover market gaps, foster innovation and communicate with partners.

Smart Acres was inspired by our love for AgriTech and sustainable food. It fosters agricultural development, economic prosperity, and food security. We promote local food and homegrown agriculture. 365 days of nourishing crops are the goal. Smart Acres will protect the UAE against global dangers and pandemics via research, development, and multi-channel deployment.

By staying true to our core values of quality, reliability, innovation and trustworthiness, we shape the culture at Sarya Holdings.

Our Vision

To be the leading premium food solutions provider in Arabia by delivering quality through commitment.

Mission 2023

Identifying Market Gaps, Partnering with Global Brands, Creating Brand Recognition & Ensuring Brand Coverage

Our Value

Communication, Trust, Integrity, Commitment & Responsibility

Our Founders

Abdulla Al Kaabi


Sean Lee