About Sarya Holdings
Established in 2017, Sarya Holdings is a private-owned company engaged in various sectors ranging from AgriTech, Chemical Manufacturing, and a strong emphasis on FMCG.
Built to build your brand, locally.
Our food retail business involves trading in a wide range of popular food products, acting as intermediaries, and developing in-house brands.
Growing brands and representing global names.
Our Premium In-House Brand
Our flagship in-house brand defines a new era of conscious-eating. Clean, accessible, and healthy foods that lead the way with a variety of offerings from ready-to-eat foods to plant-based products.
Our passion for AgriTech and sustainable food practices led us to build an advanced system that promotes agricultural development, economic growth, and food security.
Smart Acres is more than a vision to create a space for research & development. It's our contribution to the future of the UAE's agriculture systems and food security.
We proudly manufacture solutions and healthy foods with world-class systems and controls. Our goal is to develop and deliver socially-responsible hygiene solutions as well as clean, accessible, and healthy foods for the world.
Our wholly owned industrial manufacturing plant develops safe & powerful disinfectant and hygiene products under our ‘Just Nature' brand.
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